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     Bad move by Northern Arapaho Tribe on joint council

    Wyoming newspaper criticizes Northern Arapaho Tribe for withdrawing from a joint council with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe:
     How a sovereign state behaves toward its neighbors is a sign of its maturity. A sovereign nation would, one would think, prefer to make decisions in a way that reflects its status as a true sovereign nation, dealing with other nations respectfully, as equals.

    Worley home engulfed by fire

    Katrina Lasarte woke up Monday morning to her daughter frantically screaming that their house was on fire and to get to safety.
    Moments later, the single-family home on 355 Lena Louie Lane in Worley was engulfed in flames and destroyed.
    Five residents inside the home at the time of the fire evacuated and escaped injuries.

    Coeur d’Alene Tribe reaches out to family that lost home to fire

    The Coeur d’Alene Tribe of Idaho is reaching out to a family whose home was destroyed by a fire on Monday morning.
    Five people escaped without suffering injuries. Fire crews were able to stop the blaze from spreading to other homes and to timber and brush, The Coeur d’Alene Press reported.

    Supreme Court to hear Seven Generation vs Green Bay dispute

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear a dispute between the city of Green Bay and a subsidiary of the Oneida Tribe of Indians, it announced Monday.
    The city council approved the project by Oneida Seven Generations Corp. in 2011, but changed its mind in the fall of 2012 after public opposition to the project grew. Seven Generations then sued the city. The city argued Seven Generations officials misrepresented what was included in the plans and won that lower court battle.

    Wisconsin court to hear appeal over Oneida Nation waste plant

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to hear a dispute over a controversial waste recycling plant proposed by the Oneida Nation.
    The Oneida Seven Generations Corp, a tribal entity, received a conditional use permit to build a waste recycling plant. The city of Green Bay pulled the permit after the project generated significant controversy.

    BIA Head Kevin Washburn Speaks to ICTMN About One of the Toughest Jobs in Government

    When Kevin Washburn was a student at Yale Law School where he earned a Juris Doctor (JD) in 1993, he was editor-in-chief of the Yale Journal on Regulation, a student-edited law review covering regulatory and administrative law. Some 21 years later, he’s still involved with administrative law and regulations, albeit on a higher level. As the Interior Department’s Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs (AS-IA), Washburn holds the government’s top administrative position dealing with federal Indian law and right now he’s in the midst of reforming the most controversial regulations in Indian country – the rules for federally recognizing an American Indian tribe.

    From Carlisle to Hollywood: A Conference on Graduates and the Movies

    Depictions of Native people in Hollywood have been as racist as what was and is happening in the U.S. in general, but there are notable exceptions and some signs of hope that were on display at the recent conference, “Carlisle Journeys: American Indians in Show Business,” sponsored by the Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS).

    Native Women Aim to Make Waves in NM Political Arena

    A record number of Native American women in New Mexico are jumping into the political arena, looking to win over non-Native American voters in races with statewide impact.
    For the first time in the state’s history, a Native American woman is running for lieutenant governor from one of New Mexico’s two largest parties. Two Native females are vying for a seat in the House of Representatives and three are seeking House reelection.

    Video: How Acidifying Oceans Are Ruining Shellfish Farms

    Ocean acidification caused by the absorption of carbon dioxide is becoming more and more prevalent, to the point where it is now affecting shellfish.
    "The ocean is so acidic that it is dissolving the shells of our baby oysters,” says Diani Taylor, a fifth-generation worker at the family-owned Taylor Shellfish Farms in Shelton, Washington, in this video based on a chapter in the National Climae Assessment report issued by President Barack Obama’s administration earlier this year.

    Chickasaw Softball Coach Waits 27 Years for Big Win

    Persistence pays off. No one knows this better than Mike Crossley.For 27 years, Crossley, Chickasaw, has been the head coach of the Newcastle High School softball team in Newcastle, Oklahoma, and on October 18, he took home his first Class 4A high school state fast-pitch softball championship trophy. “It’s been tough, it really has been,” Crossley told “It was just a big relief to win this tournament because there’s so many good teams and so many good coaches and so many good players.”

    Archives Facility in Juneau to Be Named for Tlingit Hero

    William L. Paul, Sr., a pioneering Tlingit civil rights leader recognized as the father of the Alaska Native land claims, will have an archives facility named after him.
    The William L. Paul, Sr. Archives in Juneau, Alaska houses 3,100 linear feet of historical and archival manuscripts and papers, photographs, and audio and visual recordings, reports the Juneau Empire.

    Key Thoughts From KeyBank: Financial Education Success in Indian Country

    The first progress report is in, and the results for Keybank’s Expanding Financial Literacy Efforts in Native Communities Program are even better than anticipated.
    KeyBank, a leader in meeting the financial needs of Indian country, launched the four-year financial literacy program last year with First Nations Oweesta Corporation as coordinator.

    5 More First Nations Musical Artist Award Winners to Watch For

    Each year the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards—a celebration of artists in Canada that is hosted as part of the Manito Ahbee Festival—recognizes more than 20 Native musical artists in every genre and musical style.
    Over the weekend we highlighted five of the winners, with samples of their work. But there are so many talented aboriginal artists out there that we felt compelled to recognize another batch of these talented First Nations and Native artists.

    Matthew McConaughey Says ‘Keep Redskins,’ Cites Hamburgers & Westerns

    Well, we knew it was bound to happen.Several Hollywood celebrities have voiced their opinion in favor of changing the name of the Washington football team. But not all are standing on the right side of history.
    In an interview for the November issue of GQ magazine, Matthew McConaughey says that the Redskins should keep their name. And he gives three reasons: Hamburgers (well, Chris Hanburger), Westerns and gun control.

    Take Back the Night Rally: Sexual Assault is NOT an Ojibwe Tradition

    “Violence against women was imported, it is not an Ojibwe tradition. Our tradition was one of respect for women and their sacred role in life giving. Social pressure, tradition, and respect prohibited such behavior. Remember those who have died before offering your tobacco.

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