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    Nez Perce Tribe Asks Idaho School District to Change Mascots

    Two Northern Idaho schools with Native American mascots received letters from the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee asking the schools to change their names, according ot the Associated Press.

    Video: TransCanada Gas Pipeline Explodes, 4,000 Lose Heat in Frigid Manitoba

    Authorities are investigating the cause of a TransCanada pipeline explosion last weekend that cut natural gas—and thus heat—off from at least 4,000 people in Manitoba as temperatures plummeted to minus-25 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Planet Weird: Living Rock Has Sex With Itself; Doesn’t Call Next Day

    This may look like a rock, but as with many things occurring in nature, it is full of surprises. Cut open this gray lump and one will find a red mass of internal organs oozing clear blood.

    New Law in Seattle Could Help Natives Disproportionate Statistics

    American Indians in the state of Washington are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system according to Chris Stearns, which has made it difficult to find a job upon release – not anymore. On June 10, the Seattle City Council unanimously (9-0) passed a new law that will allow people with criminal records to have a fair shot at getting jobs.


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