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Welcome to Native American News, by Native American Encyclopedia. Our objective is to; Honor our Elders, Inspire our Youth, Document our History & Share our Culture.

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    The Moko Returns: More Than A Tattoo

    Before Nadine Martin utters a single word, her face tells a story shaped over centuries. Three simple lines extend from her lips to the bottom of her chin, one at each corner of her mouth, the third at the center.

    Idle No More: Native Youth Sexual Health Network Applauds Courage of Ontario First Nations Woman Who Spoke Out About Sexual Violence

    The Native Youth Sexual Health Network released the following statement in support of the Idle No More movement: The Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN) would first like to acknowledge the courage and strength of ‘Angela Smith’, an Indigenous woman in Thunder Bay who was sexually assaulted on December 27 to speak out about the violence she experienced. With prayers, tobacco, and in our many Indigenous languages we send you love and community in this difficult time.

    Charity operation in Rapid City sees criticism

    In what could be described as history repeating itself, the local branch of a national charity geared toward serving Native Americans has come under fire by several of its Native beneficiaries and employees for questionable practices.

    Council for Native American Farming and Ranching Begins Work

    An intensive two day public meeting wrapped up earlier this week in Washington, D.C., as the recently appointed members of the Council for Native American Farming and Ranching met face-to-face for the first time.

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