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    Notah Begay blasts Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s new charity as a PR ‘gimmick’

    Notah Begay III called Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s new philanthropy a public relations smokescreen designed to divert attention away from the controversy surrounding his NFL team’s racist name.

    Members booted from Rolling Hills tribe for not meeting ancestral criteria

    A major shake-up has taken place within the tribe that owns Rolling Hills Casino in Corning.
    Less than two weeks ago, an annual meeting of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians was held at the casino.
    The band, made up of more than 300 members, has a rich and rooted history in the area now known as Tehama County.

    10 Facts About Native American’s Health That Will Make You Nauseous

    When Europeans arrived on America’s shores they brought an awful lot of awful things.  Despite the most optimistic view of the culture exchange between Europeans and Native Americans, it’s no secret that the Native populations came out on the loosing end. Their land was stolen, their way of life uprooted, and their populations were decimated.

    Brent Cahwee: Shoni Schimmel brings her show to the WNBA

    It’s been called the “Schimmel Show”, “Rez Rising”, and even the “Showtime Shoni Show” but whatever you want to label it, it is something that is already being felt by the WNBA league since the Atlanta Dream drafted Shoni Schimmel, the former Louisville standout from the Confederate Tribes of the Umatilla Indian reservation.

    Forest Co. Potawatomi Tribe Highlights Alternative Energy

    The Sustainability Fair is held each year on Earth Day in Rhinelander. The fair is designed to showcase Northwoods organizations working toward a sustainable environment.

    California Needs A Bright-Line Test for Determining Residency for Tax Purposes

    “Where do you live?” This seemingly straightforward question has been the source of major contention between taxpayers and the Franchise Tax Board for many years, resulting in time-consuming appeals, exhausting searches for documents and witnesses, significant audit resources, and, in some cases, expensive litigation. It is time for the state to end the confusion by establishing a bright-line test for determining whether a person is or isn’t a California resident for income tax purposes.

    No word from Supreme Court on Bay Mills case

    SCOTUSblog data tells us that Justices Ginsburg and Kagan have not yet written for the December sitting, which is when the Court heard the Bay Mills argument. Usually, to balance workload, each Justice is assigned one opinion per sitting. But the Court heard 11 arguments in December, so at least two Justices will have two assignments. Justice Scalia, we know after today, has written twice for December, so we can say with some limited certainty that he will not be the author of the majority opinion in Bay Mills. In other words, it could be anyone.

    Teacher resigns after arrest for theft at Poarch Creek casino

    A public school teacher resigned after being arrested for robbery at a casino owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Alabama.
    Clemente R. Brooks Sr. was a first grade teacher. He was charged with third-degree robbery and first-degree theft of property for a March 18 incident at the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel.

    ICT interview with Ernie Stevens of NIGA on racist mascots

    What is your response to the headline of a story about the National Indian Gaming Association withdrawing its sponsorship of a golf tournament to raise scholarship funds for Navajo college students?

    Ho-Chunk Nation seeks road grant for off-reservation casino

    The Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin is supporting a road grant request for its proposed off-reservation casino.
    The tribe wants to build a casino in Beloit. The city has applied for a grant from the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery program to make road upgrades near the site.

    Jamul Band rejects claim about burial ground at casino site

    The Jamul Indian Village of California denied disturbing a burial ground during construction of a $360 million casino.
    Chairman Raymond Hunter said his sister, Karen Toggery, made false claims about remains that were removed from the work site. The tribal cemetery has not been harmed, he insisted.

    North Dakota tribes’ oil output rivals U.S. states

    Oil production on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota has become so large that it would rank among the top 10 oil producing states in the nation, a tribal leader said Tuesday.

     Applebee’s DWI death trial begins

    The Santa Fe Applebee’s restaurant where convicted drunken driver James Ruiz was first served alcohol on March 5, 2010 – before the crash that killed two sisters in town for a basketball tournament – turned a “blind eye” to the fact that some alcoholics can mask their symptoms, the family’s attorney told a federal jury Tuesday.

    Convoluted U.S. ‘Logic’ About the Western Shoshone Nation and Its Territory

     Cliven Bundy’s dispute with the Bureau of Land Management has brought the Western Shoshone Nation and the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley back into focus. Mary and Carrie Dann, Raymond Yowell, and Myron Tybo had horses and cattle stolen by the Bureau of Land Management for grazing their livestock on Western Shoshone treaty lands without a federal grazing permit, which the Western Shoshone viewed as not required because of the Ruby Valley Treaty.

     From the Shining City: Fools on the Hill

     John Winthrop, a wealthy Puritan lawyer and would-be theologian, might be styled a founder of “American exceptionalism.” It was his sermon, A Model of Christian Charity, that contained the line made famous in modern times by President Ronald Reagan, “we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.”

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