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    Tunica-Biloxi Tribe won’t be sharing gaming revenues this quarter

    The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana won’t be sharing gaming revenues with the local community this quarter.
    Revenues at the Paragon Casino Resort have been fluctuating and the tribe isn’t always required to make payments. However, this is the third quarter in the last year that no payment was made, The Avoyelles Journal reported.

    Gaming good for Eastern Cherokees but not for fellow tribe

    Writer accuses the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of being hypocritical for opposing the Catawba Nation casino in North Carolina:
     Gambling is good, says the Cherokee tribe, because it spins off money to build up the reservation.

    Cherokee Nation announces $170M casino and retail development

    The Cherokee Nation of announced plans for a $170 million casino and retail complex in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
    The Cherokee Springs Plaza will include a casino, two hotels, retail, office space and a convention center. The 150-acre project is located off a major highway in Tahlequah, the tribe’s capital.

    Alicia Ostrander (Oglala Lakota) has career-high 18 kills for Nebraska

    Lincoln – Junior Alicia Ostrander  (Oglala Lakota)  enjoyed a career night, but the seventh-ranked Nebraska volleyball team fell in a hard-fought battle to No. 13 Florida State, 3-1, in front of 8,569 fans Friday night, the largest crowd under the current Devaney Center seating configuration.

    History of Native American Silver Casting

    Metal jewelry was introduced to the Navajo Indians by Plains tribes. In the mid-1860s, Navajo silversmithing began with the work of Atsidi Sani. The first silver jewelry-makers were Navajos living on the reservation. The practice of forming silver into objects of personal adornment soon spread to the Hopi and Zuni tribes. Casting silver was one of the earliest methods of making conchas, buttons, rings and bracelets.

    King Philip’s War Summary and Definition

    The History of the King Philip’s War including details of the cause, reason, and summary. The dates and years of the Indian wars – when the war started and when the conflict ended.
    The causes of the Indian wars, battles and conflicts, including the King Philip’s War, were generally because of the opening of Indian lands to colonization, the conquest of the Native American Indians or the history of forced relocation to Indian reservations.

    About the Tarahumara Indians

    The people known as the Tarahumara, or Raramuri, which they call themselves, have survived many challenges since Spanish settlers encountered them in the 16th century. Private, spiritual people, they live in and above the canyons of northwest Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental, typically great distances from one another, often calling a cave or small hut their home.

    Facts about the King Philip’s War

    Facts about the King Philip’s War – Why was Metacom given the Name King Philip?
    The tradition of crowning a Native Indian chief as a king started in 1608 when Chief Powhatan, the father of Pocahontas, was crowned as a king (see picture of the coronation Powhatan Wars). King James 1 of England saw the Indians as subservient to his rule but the powerful chief “was sent a crown, with brilliant trappings and regalia, for the solemn coronation of Powhatan.

    How to Make an Indian Otter Fur Cap

    The otter fur cap is traditionally worn by the Potawatomi Indian tribes who populated the east woodland regions belonging to modern-day Michigan. Otter fur caps, or turbans as they are also called, are more like a wide headband with a long tail down the back. They are mostly made from a combination of fabric and fur, and can be plain or highly decorated with traditional embroidery or beadwork.

    The Meskwaki Indian Culture

    The Meskwaki Native Americans are a group of people associated with the Eastern woodland culture of the United States. They historically resided throughout the Midwestern section of the country, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Michigan. The group is closely linked with tribes such as the Mascoutan, Menominee, Chippewa and Shawnee, and has close linguistic ties with the Kickapoo and Sauk peoples.

    Rich Winters; Complete South Dakota Native Schools Football Recap

    By Rich WinterSeems like every time I move from South Dakota to Utah, the St. Francis Warriors start winning football games. Well, dang, might have to stay away for a bit I suppose.
    Big props to St. Francis as they opened their season with a 12-6 win over Little Wound.

    What Were the Inuit’s Beliefs?

    The Inuit are the native inhabitants of Arctic northern Canada and Greenland. Though they have largely accepted Christianity in modern times, their traditional beliefs were based around a type of animism, the belief that all living and non-living things had souls. This belief informed their rituals and way of life.

    Onondaga Redhawks are the 2014 Senior B President Cup Champions; Miles Thompson Game MVP

    Coquitlam, BC – All across Canada and Native nations, teams started the season with the goal of hoisting the President’s Cup.  In 2014, the Redhawks earned that honor by defeating the Six Nations Rivermen 9-7 and became the second time they were crowned as President’s Cup Champions; the first title came in 2010.

    How to Make a Navajo Hoop

    The Navajo hoop dance is a Native American form of storytelling. One performer dances with many hoops, each representing a different animal, shape, or element. The hoops were originally made from willow branches, but today they can be made in a rewarding DIY fashion using industrial tubing, which is a more simple method.

    Colin Morrison ~ Tsimshian

    Colin has been an artist since he was very young, but only began painting when he was 18 years old. His first instructor was Russell Mather Jr., from whom he learned more about carving. At the suggestion of his instructor, Colin began studying at Freda Diesing School from artists such as Ken Niel, Stan Bevan and Dempsey Bob and graduated in 2011.

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