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    Kaley Cuoco Got A Head Start On Racist Halloween Costumes With This Native American One

    It’s about that time of year when celebrities start whipping out their most competitively racist costumes! Today, it’s Kaley Cuoco as the offensive half of a Native American costume.

    Study: High Schools Fail to Prepare Native-American Students for Higher Education

    Less than one-quarter of American Indian and Native Alaskan students meet University of California and California State University entrance requirements by the time they graduate from high school, according to a report released Monday by Cal State San Marcos.

    Native American author Sherman Alexie inspires SCC audience

    Life’s worth lies within the ability to be, stand up for and educate oneself, a famed poet, author and filmmaker told an audience at Scottsdale Community College last week.

    Redskins Fans Threaten to “Fucking Cut” Native Americans from Daily Show

    Last week, the Daily Show’s Jason Jones brought a panel of die-hard Washington Redskins fans face-to-face with some of the many Native Americans offended that the team won’t stop clinging to its racist branding. It went exactly as you would expect.

    Taking a gamble in Louisiana - What’s legal and illegal?

    A rundown of what’s legal and illegal in Louisiana in terms of gambling:
     Age restrictions: To participate in the state lottery or horse track betting you must be 18 years old. To gamble in a casino or on a video poker machine, you must be 21.

    Ancestor starting asking about trust fund in 1900s

    Donna Ennis shares correspondence between her great grandfather Albert Leo Lord and the Interior Department over trust funds that were owed to him:
    Several years ago I discovered correspondence between my great grandfather, Albert Leo Lord (1865 – 1931) and the Department of Interior. His ideas of economic self-sufficiency for Indian people and Tribes were scoffed at by the superintendent of the Department Of The Interior as were his assertions of discrimination. Mr. A.L. Lord corresponded with the Department of the Interior on at least 7 occasions between 1902 and 1928. In this response from the DOI, dated March 14, 1928, he is lectured about the per capita payment and race relations:

    Tribes working together to restore bison to their land

    Al Jazeera reports on the historic signing of a buffalo treaty between tribes in the United States and First Nations in Canada:
    Late in the afternoon, dozens of young Native American children arrived in a yellow school bus and galloped across a sunny field on Montana’s Blackfeet Reservation while wearing buffalo robes as if they were superhero capes.

    American Indian Cultural Center And Museum Belongs To Oklahoma Not Tribes

    If you don’t build it, they won’t come…that’s basically what Blake Wade, Executive Director of the Native American Cultural Authority, intimated when extolling the virtues of a completed American Indian Cultural Center and Museum. Not only would the museum be a world class attraction, the surrounding 220 acres of commercial property would be developed to match the museum’s potential.

    Oklahoma Indian museum expected to be big draw

    The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum could draw millions of tourists and generate millions for the economy in Oklahoma — that’s if it’s ever finished:
    Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole, a member of the Chickasaw Nation, says there has been a lot of misunderstanding about the museum in the legislature.

    Oneida women again in top leadership posts

    Melinda Danforth knows she is not blazing a new path.
    Instead, she is following on the heels of countless other women who have assumed significant roles of leadership and authority in the Oneida Tribe of Indians.
    Danforth this summer became the tribe’s vice chairwoman, in an election that also elevated five other women to top offices, including chairwoman.

    Oneida Nation repeats history with women in top leadership jobs

    Women hold the top four leadership positions within the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin but it’s not the first time in tribal history that’s happened.
    Twice in the past, women have secured the Chairwoman, Vice-Chairwoman, Treasurer, Secretary spots. The last time was in 2002.

    Deschene case goes back to office of hearings and appeals

    Dozens of people stood in line Friday morning at the Tuba City Judicial District to hear oral arguments regarding whether Christopher Clark Deschene should be disqualified from being a candidate for the office of the Navajo Nation President because he does not speak fluent Diné Bizaad.

    Navajo presidential candidate in doubt over fluency in language

    Chris Deschene, a candidate for president of the Navajo Nation, faces renewed doubts about his future after the tribe’s highest court reopened challenges to his Navajo language fluency.
    In a decision on Friday, the Navajo Nation Supreme Court said the tribe’s Office of Hearings and Appeals should not have dismissed grievances that questioned whether Deschene is fluent in the Navajo language. Deschene had argued that the requirement was discriminatory.

    Documents Show Governor Wanted Big Deal With Tribe

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s staff nearly reached a multi-billion dollar deal with the Seminole Indian tribe that would have allowed it to add roulette and craps at its South Florida casinos, documents obtained by The Associated Press show.
    The deal, which was scuttled last spring amid resistance from state legislators, also would have opened the door for the Seminoles to build a casino in the Fort Pierce area and would likely have blocked construction of any Las Vegas-style casinos in Miami for the next seven years.

    Documents show Seminole Tribe was close to new gaming deal

    Documents obtained by the Associated Press show the Seminole Tribe and Gov. Rick Scott (R) were close to a new Class III gaming compact.
    The deal would have run for seven years, the AP said. It would have authorized the tribe to add roulette and craps to its gaming facilities and to build another facility.

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