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    The beauty and strength of #NativeWomen #NativeArt 

    While most people think of males as the strong, big chiefs of Indian tribes, the Indian women played and still play an essential and integral role in Indian life. 

    [PHOTOS] Native American Women We Love

    10 Things You Need to Know About Native American Women

    10 Things You Need to Know About Native American Women

    Great Plains Doll, by Charlene Holy Bear #WomenWednesday


    Six Nations Female Fire Fighters 2012

    Thank You ladies for everything you do! You’re not just Fire Fighters, you’re Role Models!

    Silence is Violence.

    “Violence against women within the First Nations community is not a subject that is generally openly talked about or acknowledged…Simply put, silence is literally killing us…We cannot afford to let the shame of the social problems in our community hold us back from changing for the better.” (Lynda Gray, 2011)

    (via ayiman)

    Rally in Support of Violence Against Women Act Set for Wednesday Evening

    The US Senate version to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act includes provisions to protect American Indian and Alaska Native women. The version that emerged from the House of Representatives does not contain the protections.

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