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    Native American wedding ceremonies are full of rich tradition.

    If you want to know how to plan a Native American wedding, you must be willing to research the traditions of your heritage and choose what will be most meaningful for you and your future spouse. Read more

    People who plan a wedding want to make the day truly special. One of the ways to do this is by including cultural traditions, such as for an American Indian wedding. Read more

    The Cherokee wedding ceremony is a very beautiful event, whether it is the old fashioned, or ‘ancient’ ceremony or a modern one. The original ceremony differed from clan to clan and community to community, but basically used the same ritual elements. Learn more

    Many Native Americans desire a wedding which reflects their Indian heritage. You must understand where relatives and ancestors may have originated from to plan the wedding reflecting your heritage. Read more

    You can make the symbol of your wedding more interesting and unique with Native American wedding rings. Many of these rings are the excellent symbol of the eternal love that you have for your life partner. Read more

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