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    Sitting Bull – The Early Life of a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux Warrior 

    If there is a shadow of a doubt someplace, that will cause a weakness. —Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

    Geronimo’s Story of His Life is the oral life history of a legendary Apache warrior.

    Cheyenne military societies are one of the two central institutions of traditional Cheyenne Indian tribal governance, the other being the Council of Forty-four.

    Minnie Hollow Wood (ca. 1856- 1930s) was a Lakota Sioux woman who earned the right to wear a warbonnet because of her valor at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

    Native American Warriors were an integral part of every Indian tribe, and were considered brave heroes.

    Moving Robe Woman - Story of a female warrior 

    Big Spotted Horse was a Pawnee warrior and raider who lived during the 19th century.

    Considered invincible in combat, Roman Nose (Northern Cheyenne) (not to be confused with Henry Roman Nose of Southern Cheyenne) was one of the most esteemed warriors of the Plains Indian Wars of the 1860s.

    Gall (c. 1840–1894) Lakota Phizí, (gall bladder) was a battle leader of the Hunkpapa Lakota. He was one of the commanders in the Battle of Little Bighorn.

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