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Welcome to Native American News, by Native American Encyclopedia. Our objective is to; Honor our Elders, Inspire our Youth, Document our History & Share our Culture.

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    A Cherokee Legend of How Hummingbird Brings Back Tobacco 

    A Cherokee Legend of The Bird Tribes

    Native American Mountains Legends: Potawatomi legend about the creation of Chequah Bikwaki mountain

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    Gems & Jewels and Their Own Legends

    The Native Americans have legends about White buffalo, which are extremely rare. It is said that A white buffalo appeared in the form of a woman who wore white hides. 

    Native American Legend of how Coyote spills the stars

    A Hopi Insects Legend of The Spider Woman and The Twins 

    Native American Story of the Peace Pipe

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    Native American Legend of How the Bluebird got its color

    Native American Legend of A Little Brave and the Medicine Woman

    How the Red Bird Got His Color by Barbara Shining Woman Warren

    An Algonquin Legend of Algon and the Sky Girl

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