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    A Cherokee Legend Of The Cherokee Rose

    A Cherokee Legend of The Beginning of Time 

    A long time ago there were four Blackfeet, who went to war against the Crees. They traveled a long way, and at last their horses gave out. Read more the Blackfoot Legend of The Ghosts’ Buffalo

    Native American Sky Legends: Falling-Star

    The Old Woman of Spring – Cheyenne’s Tale

    A Cherokee Legend – How the Milky Way Came To Be

    There would come a time when the Earth would be ravaged of it’s resources, the sea blackened, the streams poisoned, the deer dropping dead in their tracks. Read more the Legend of Warriors of the Rainbow 

    In the olden days when the Earth was young, an Indian brave sat at the door of his lodge, not far from a lake. Soon faint and distant sounds of music came to his ears. Read more the Wyandot Story of Star Maiden 

    In the beginning all was water. In all directions the sky was clear and unobstructed. A cloud formed in the sky, grew lumpy, and turned into Coyote. Read more the Achomawi Creation Myth

    Race with the Buffalo – Cheyenne Legend

    Native American Mermaid Stories: The Mermaid – A Sikanni Tale

    A Blackfoot Legend – The Bear Woman

    Red Fox (Tcula) was once found in a cave asleep by a hunter. The hunter crept up to him and saw that it was Tcula. Read more the Story of the Red Fox Clan

    No Buffalo ever lived in the Swah-netk’-qhu country. That was Coyote’s fault. Read more the Legend of Coyote and the Buffalo

    In many tribes the owl has a sinister meaning. Among the Sioux, Hin-Han the owl guards the entrance to the Milky Way over which the souls of the dead must pass to reach the spirit land. Read more the Legend of The Owl Husband

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