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    What did Iroquois Indians think of Rainbow before? Read The Legend of Rainbow Path

    Native American Animal Legends: The Origin of the Tribes

    Native American Legend of The Buffaloes’ Ward

    Native American Legend of The Thunder-Bird 

    Native American Legend of Blue Corn Maiden and the coming of Winter

    Native American Legend of the White Horse Plain 

    A Cherokee Legend of the Bear

    Native American Legend of Fish-Hawk and Scapegrace 

    Native American Legend of Why the Mountain Lion is long and lean

    An Iroquois Legend of The Hungry Fox and the Boastful Suitor

    There was a Shawnee warrior named Waupee, or White Hawk, who lived in the forest alone. Read more Native American Stars Legends of White Hawk 

    Native American Sun Legends: The Great Medicine Dance

    Native American Water Legends: The Lost Boy. Delaware legend about a boy who joined the water spirits. 

    The Niagara Falls, or Nee-ah-gah-rah (Thundering Waters) are the most sacred waters of the Iroquois people, and a focus of many of their legends and myths. Read more of Sacrifice at Niagara

    A Blackfoot Legend of How a Piegan Warrior Found the First Horses

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