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    #Cherokee – more properly spelled #Tsalagi – is an Iroquoian language with an innovative written syllabary invented by a Native Cherokee scholar.

    Cheyenne is an Algonquian Indian language spoken by about 1500 Native Americans in Montana and central Oklahoma.

    Native American words flow like a gentle stream, and sing like the loveliest breeze through autumn leaves. 

    Like many of the diverse Native American Languages, the phonology and dialects of Tlingit language are complex. Read more

    In 1821, George Guess or Gist, better known as Sequoyah, revealed a written version of the Cherokee Language, called a syllabary. Read more P.S. If you own an Apple device, you now can turn on the Cherokee keyboard in Settings  

    Teaching the native languages in schools?

    What is everyone’s opinion on teaching the native languages in schools? Along with offering French and Spanish what does everyone think about having Native speakers teach their languages in the area schools? Language is a great source of learning about a different culture, etc. Thoughts?

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