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    Native American jewelry is being made in traditional forms and contemporary forms today.

    Southwestern Native American jewelry continues to be a strong tradition today.

    Native American jewelry has always been popular with non-Native Americans as well as Native Americans.

    For Native Americans in the 17th century, metallic ornaments were probably no more popular than those of teeth or bone. 

    The term Native American Jewelry brings to mind silver and turquoise jewelry.

    Did you know #Turquoise has been used for jewelry making since 5500 BC? 

    Native American jewelry is traditionally made using natural materials such as semi-precious gems, shells, bones, and feathers.

    A Native American bead bracelet is a beautiful treasure, especially if it is made by a craftsman working within a tradition passed down for hundreds of years. 

    When people think of Indian jewelry they think of turquoise and silver.

    Turquoise, silver, beads… Things you need to know about the history of Native American Jewelry

    Native American jewelry has increased in popularity throughout the 20th century.

    If you like jewelry that is unique then you may be interested in the jewelry that is made by Native Americans.

    Native American turquoise jewelry is symbolic of nature, more specifically the blue sky, which Native Americans associate with spirituality.

    The bone choker was invented by Native Americans to provide physical protection of the neck and the jugular vein during battle and fighting.

    Native American Rings and Bracelets

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