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    Today Native #SilverJewelry is some of the most popular silver jewelry in the world.

    When people think of Indian jewelry they think of #turquoise and #silver

    Wampum necklaces are Native American jewelry crafted from seashells. The genuine artifact is produced by skilled artisans who must first craft the beads from the hard shell of quahogs and then string or weave them into jewelry.

    Native American jewelry has been made for generations and Native Americans have always taken much pride in the creation of their jewelry.

    History of Native American Silver Casting

    Every American Indian tribe had their own jewelry style. After colonization, Native American jewelry traditions still remained strong.

    Along with Native American clothing, American Indian jewelry is considered a national treasure.

    For couples seeking a uniquely designed engagement ring or wedding bands, try looking at the Native American designed rings.

    Did you know the Squash Blossom Necklace were one of the most popular Native American jewelry purchases of the 70s?

    Native American jewelry is being made in traditional forms and contemporary forms today.

    Southwestern Native American jewelry continues to be a strong tradition today.

    Native American jewelry has always been popular with non-Native Americans as well as Native Americans.

    For Native Americans in the 17th century, metallic ornaments were probably no more popular than those of teeth or bone. 

    The term Native American Jewelry brings to mind silver and turquoise jewelry.

    Did you know #Turquoise has been used for jewelry making since 5500 BC? 

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