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    Colin Coonis is a rising star in the sky of Native American jewelry artists. He has recently been featured in Native People’s Magazine. Read more

    Born on the Navajo Reservation, Darryl Dean Begay was raised in the traditional Navajo way of life. He is from a family of artists; his grandmother was a weaver and his grandfather a ceremonial sandpainter. Learn more

    Rolanda Haloo was born in 1956 in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. She learned the basics of jewelry-making from her father, Jacob Haloo, who also taught her cousin, Dennis Edaakie, one of the most renowned Zuni artists. Read more

    Throughout her career as a jeweler, Consuelo Campos’ work has been shaped by the influences of her past. Read more

    Naveek named Artist of the Year 1993, by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, is an extraordinary master jeweler by any standard. He uses his professional name Naveek to honor his Navajo and Greek heritage. Read more

    A husband and wife team, Benny and Valerie Aldrich started their careers as jewelers more than 30 years ago in a teepee near Prescott, Arizona. Learn more

    Harry Morgan was a widely renowned and well respected Navajo silversmith and recognized as one of the outstanding Native American jewelers. Read more

    Born in 1949 and raised in Seba Dalkai area, Fidel Bahe is the firstborn of eight children – two sisters and five brothers. Fidel began silversmithing at age 24, focussing on traditional Navajo designs with his own creative flair. Read more

    Allison is an award-winning artist from Mexican Springs, New Mexico. He is a full-blooded Navajo and is the third oldest of eight, four brothers and three sisters. Learn more

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