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    The history of Native Americans in Texas, as well as the whole of the U.S., is a sad one, filled with war, uprooting, and death in the name of manifest destiny.

    People lived on the continents of North and South America since prehistoric times. What Elements of the Native American Civilization Have Endured?

    Natives, North American, peoples who occupied North America before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th cent.

    What did Native Americans call a gun before? More of Native American Indians & Firearms

    The most profound impact on the history of the North American Indian is the introduction of the Europeans. 

    American Indians History Timeline – 1700′s To 1800′s

    A Brief Glimpse of Native American History

    Ned Christie – Story of a Cherokee Outlaw

    Richard Henry Pratt and The Cultural assimilation of Native Americans

    Native American history stretches back many centuries and continues until the present day. 

    When did Europeans discover the Nanticoke Nation? History Of The Nanticoke Indian Tribe

    Navajo Code Talkers – The code that was never broken

    Native American Empires [Photo for illustrative purposes only]

    While most of us know about the most famous of the Native American tribes, there are literally hundreds that existed over time. 

    Native Americans of the Southwest

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