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Welcome to Native American News, by Native American Encyclopedia. Our objective is to; Honor our Elders, Inspire our Youth, Document our History & Share our Culture.

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    Longhouses were the center of the Oneida life, providing space for ceremony and education as well as social gatherings.

    Native Americans made complete use of their environment. For both spiritual and practical reasons, nearly every part of a freshly killed deer was used. 

    Customs and Ceremonies of the Cherokee Indians

    The Pueblo Indians have a rich culture that goes back thousands of years.

    Native Americans recognize beauty in all things, including animals. #SacredAnimals show different meanings in each Native American culture. 

    The eagle feather law provides many exceptions to enable Native Americans to continue their traditional practices.

    A dancer, clad in bright colors, sways and moves as a strand of grass in the wind.

    Symbolic Native American Moon Signs and Meanings

    The tepee — a variant spelling is teepee — was traditionally built with the fundamental understanding of the physics of fire, airflow and insulation. 

    The history of Navajo weaving is in many ways the history of the Navajo people.

    The Cherokee wedding ceremony is a very beautiful event, whether it is the old fashioned or a modern one.

    In What Type of Homes Did the Plains Tribes Live? [Lakota camp, 1891] 

    Facts for Kids on Marriages in the Choctaw Tribe

    Totem poles generally have an association with the history of the tribe that erected them.

    Native American bows and arrows are classic cultural icons that are perfect for rustic southwest style and western home decor.

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