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Welcome to Native American News, by Native American Encyclopedia. Our objective is to; Honor our Elders, Inspire our Youth, Document our History & Share our Culture.

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    Wampum belts are belts made from wampum, or shell beads traditionally crafted by the Eastern Woodlands tribes.

    The American Indian powwow dancers are known to all of us, but the traditions behind them are too often less familiar.

    Looking for something to do this Sunday? Why not learn How to Make an Eastern Native American Longbow

    Calumet pipes are ceremonial tobacco pipes which were important in many Native American tribes. Learn How to Drill Calumet Pipe Stems

    Learn How to Make Deerskin Moccasins And maybe you can make these little cute ones for your babies 

    The Apaches were nomadic and fierce, living off of their conquests of wild animals. They were very resourceful in creating tools & crafts from their natural surroundings and traded items.

    Crafts based on the Native American culture provide participants with an entertaining lesson. 

    Native American Authentic Crafts

    Native Americans were weaving articles for household use more than 8000 years ago. It’s a Native craft that is known to be one of the oldest & is still highly prized today. 

    Wood carving is a vigorous Cherokee Indian craft.

    Native American Bolo Ties: Vintage and Contemporary

    Native American tribes across the continent specialized in a variety of different crafts.

    How to make a Medicine Wheel

    Native Americans used beads in crafts approximately 8,000 years before Europeans came to North America, though with the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th century came glass beads from Venice. Read more

    The Shoshone have a rich tradition and create attractive art and crafts in both traditional and new styles. Learn more

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