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    The way of life and clothing of the Native Americans were dictated by climate and resources that were available to them.

    Although Native American clothing may share certain characteristics, each tribe had its own distinct clothing and typical garments.

    Native Americans Clothing: What materials did they use? How did they make the clothes? Find all answers here

    Native American clothing is a vital part of American culture and history.

    Information on Apache Indian Clothing

    Details of the Cheyenne Elk Tooth Dress 

    Features of Traditional Choctaw Clothing

    Native American Indian Clothing – Leather and Beads

    Weaving, beading, and detailed work such as feathering played an integral part in Native American clothing.

    Native Americans Clothing Questions and Answers

    Native American Indian Clothing – Then and Now…

    The way of life and the clothes and clothing of the Native American men and women was dictated by climate and the resources that were available to them. Learn more

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