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    Chief Dan George was a chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. He was also an author, poet, and an Academy Award-nominated actor.

    There have been many great Indian chiefs throughout history. To become an Indian chief, you had to prove that you were strong, brave, and a great leader. 

    Conquering Bear ~ Story of a Brulé Lakota leader, warrior, and peacemaker

    Hollow Horn Bear (Lakota name Matȟó Héȟloǧeča) (ca. 1850 – 1913) was a Brulé Lakota leader who was featured on a 14-cent postage stamp and on a five dollar bill.

    Crowfoot (c. 1821-1830 – 25 April 1890) was a chief of the Siksika First Nation. He was also a warrior who fought in as many as 19 battles and sustained many injuries. 

    Old Chief Smoke (Lakota: Šóta, pronounced Sho-tah) (1774–1864), an original Oglala Sioux head chief, was a great horse capturer and great warrior in his youth. 

    Little Wound (Lakota: Tȟaópi Čík’ala, 1835 – 1899) was a Oglala Lakota chief. Following the death of his brother, he became leader of the Kuinyan branch of the Kiyuksa band (Bear people).

    Chief Arvol Looking Horse (1954) was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in S.Dakota. Raised by his grandparents, he learned the culture & spiritual ways of the Lakota.

    Chief Cochise of the Apache

    American Horse was a chieftain of the Oglala Sioux during the Wars of the 1870s. He was also the nephew of the elder American Horse and son-in-law of Red Cloud.

    If any people ever fought for liberty and justice, it was the Cheyennes.

    Known for his bravery in war & skills in oratory & diplomacy, Running Antelope or Tȟatȟóka Íŋyaŋke became a head chief of the Hunkpapa in 1851. 

    Rain-in-the-Face was a warchief of the Lakota tribe. He was among the Indian leaders who defeated George Armstrong Custer.

    Spotted Elk (1826 – 1890) was a highly renowned chief with skills in war and negotiations of the Miniconjou Lakota Sioux.

    Touch the Clouds (Lakota: Maȟpíya Ičáȟtagya or Maȟpíya Íyapat’o) (c. 1838 – September 5, 1905) was a chief of the Minneconjou Teton Lakota. 

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