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    Native American beadwork techniques traditionally used seed beads for thousands of years before European glass beads appeared in the 17th century. Read more

    These heels are made for beading… A Short History of Native American Beadwork

    Seed and Pony beads are small donut shaped beads that were used mainly to decorate Seminole Garments. The size of these beads are not given in millimeters, but in a number system running from 16 to 2, with 16 being the smallest and 2 being the largest. Learn more

    History of native American Beadwork

    New tools and supplies introduced by Europeans, like glass beads, metal needles and silk ribbon, were quickly incorporated into existing forms of art, and adjusted by Native Americans to suit their own aesthetic and functional purposes. Learn more 

    A Short History of Native American Beadwork

    When Native Americans want to accessories their garments, they do so by means of beadwork. Native American beadworks are a unique design that identifies the Indians. Learn more

    History of native American Beadwork

    Among the many different crafts of the Native American women in many different tribes is the fine craft of Native American beadwork. Many of the beads that were used in much of the traditional Native American beadwork were beads that had been carved out of different animal horns, turtle shells, and even deer hooves. Learn more

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