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    The beauty and strength of #NativeWomen #NativeArt 

    Riding with the Chief 

    Observations of Native American art offer insight on the culture and beliefs of the tribes and artists who created the piece.

    Before European contact, Native American painting was endowed with a variety of ritual and social purposes by diverse cultural groups throughout the continent. 

    Did you know in addition to their use for amusement, some Native American cornhusk dolls are used in sacred healing ceremonies?

    Wood carving is a vigorous Cherokee Indian craft.

    Just by looking at the Native American portraits, you can tell so many things about the person.

    Native American sand paintings are a very beautiful and popular art form for collectors today.

    If your understanding about Native American tribal art is a row of totem poles, or perhaps a set of turquoise jewelry, it is time to think again.

    Native American Indian art represents a deep connection between tribal existence and the outside world.

    Keep the drum beats going…

    Southwest Native American painting covers a great variety of forms, techniques and media that are not easily classifiable. 

    Lost in the Spirit.

    Pottery, blankets, clothing and making baskets are only a portion of the many great arts and crafts associated with Southwest Native Americans. Southwest Native Americans art symbolize and indicates a representation of their ideas, beliefs, dreams and visions. Learn more

    When Native Americans want to accessories their garments, they do so by means of beadwork.Native Beadworks are a unique design that identifies the Indians. Learn more [Beadwork by deancouchie]

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