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    A person’s history & bloodline are very important, and tracing Native American genealogy is a very significant method of finding one’s beginnings. 

    If you are Native American descendants you then qualify for tribal membership and all the benefits that come with it.

    Many people living in the United States today come from a rich Native American heritage. The surprising fact is that not many people even realize this.

    If you are interested in exploring your American Indian heritage, you’ll have to overcome a few common roadblocks. Learn How to Trace Your American Indian Heritage

    You have wanted to learn about your ancestors for a long time. Here are Steps to Your American Indian Ancestry

    How to Research Native American Roots by Kimberly Powell

    There are a variety of reasons people begin to look into the past to find out if the do have Native American ancestry.

    Native American Genealogy & Family History

    About 200 years ago the Cherokee Indians were one tribe that lived in the southeast part of the United States. Read more of #CherokeeAncestry

    How to Trace Your American Indian Heritage

    Step by Step to Your American Indian Ancestry

    Steps to Your American Indian Ancestry

    An Ancestry of African-Native Americans 

    How to Trace Your American Indian Heritage by Nicole Schmoll

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