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    Aaron Nelson-Moody ~ Coast Salish

    Aaron has been working as an artist since 1998, and he has travelled throughout Canada, Scotland and Japan sharing his Squamish heritage. He helped carve the Canada House doors for the 2006 Torino Olympics, and he has also worked for Adbusters Magazine as a contributing writer and photographer. He is actively involved in storytelling and dancing as well, both within and without his community.

    Daved Neel ~ Kwakwaka’wakw

    David’s crests are Thunderbird and Killerwhale. He comes from a family that is rich in history and artistic skill. His father is Dave Neel Sr, his great uncle is acclaimed artist Mungo Martin, his great-great-great grandfather is Charlie James and his grandmother is artist Ellen Neel. His widely exhibited work includes: jewellery, masks, drums, poles, original paintings, limited edition prints, glass etching, regalia, and photos (appearing in several magazines).

    The Escalation of the French and Indian Wars

    French and Indian Wars – King William’s War Summary
    King William’s War (1688-1699) is the name given to the first conflicts in the French and Indian Wars. It was named after the King William III who was the English monarch at the time of the conflict. King William’s War was the North American extension of the War of the Grand Alliance in Europe. King William’s War involved French Canadians and New England colonists and their Indian allies.

    MHA Nations Esley Thorton and NDSU Bison upset Iowa State Cyclones

    MHA Tribal Nations Esley Thorton and the North Dakota State Bison pulled off their fifth consecutive win over a BCS team by upsetting the Iowa State Cyclones from the Big 12 Conference by a final score of 34-14. This is the third consecutive Big 12 team the Bison have defeated in the past three years after defeating the Kansas State Wildcats and the Kansas Jayhawks previously.

     Tattoos Make Men Tough The Way Decals Make Cars Fast

    Rats on the platform. Tough guys with tattoos quiver, juke, shriek. Moments later, they’re tough again. Dates guffaw. “You’re a bitch,” one says. “Screw you!” he shouts. “I just don’t like them.” …. The coward. He leans to vomit on the rails; friends hold his skull.

    History & Causes of the French and Indian Wars

    What were the causes of the French and Indian Wars? Some of the history and causes of the Indian Wars were dictated by political policies and beliefs which shaped the historical background to the causes of the French and Indian Wars:
    Colonialism: In the 1700′s the Europeans brought with them the system of colonialism, primarily to generate income, which encompassed “the policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas.”

    History Timeline of the French and Indian Wars

    1688 1688 – 1763 The French and Indian Wars between France and Great Britain for lands in North America. The Iroquois Indians were allied to the British and the Algonquian speaking tribes were allied to the French. The French and Indian Wars was an intermittent series of wars, battles and conflicts consisting of the:

    Fun Facts About Buffalo Jumps

    A buffalo jump is a cliff that Native Americans used to kill plains bison. Rather than painstakingly hunting each bison that was needed to feed the tribe, the Native Americans would drive herds of bison off the cliff for mass killings. Once the bison had run off the cliff, tribe members would wait below to begin collecting the animals for their meat, skin and fur. To modern people this may seem wasteful or cruel, but it was the most efficient way to feed the tribe, and if bison were hunted individually, they would learn to avoid humans, making hunting all the more harder.

    Bacon’s Rebellion Summary and Definition

    The History of Bacon’s Rebellion including details of the cause, reason, history timeline and summary. The dates and years of the rebellion – when Bacon’s rebellion started and when Bacon’s rebellion ended.
    The causes of the Indian wars, battles and conflicts, including Bacon’s Rebellion, were generally because of the opening of Indian lands to colonization, the conquest of the Native American Indians or the history of forced relocation to Indian reservations.

    How to Speak Chickasaw

    The Chickasaw people are native to the southeastern part of the United States, especially the areas of Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri and Kentucky. It is mainly the older Chickasaws who speak the Chickasaw language, as much of the population has transitioned to speaking English over the years. At publication time, there are as few as 120 Chickasaws currently speaking the language.

    Earl Muldon ~ Gitksan

    Earl is from the Beaver-Eagle Clan. His many widely exhibited works include: large totem poles, masks, bentboxes, spoons, rattles, bowls, house fronts, limited edition prints, original paintings, gold and silver jewellery including repousse. Earl is a master carver in the Northwest Coast tradition and has undertaken both jointly and individually some of the largest commissions for Aboriginal art in North America, including a major totem pole restoration/replication project for the Gitanyow (Kitwancool) Hereditary Chiefs.

    Ken Mowatt ~ Gitksan

    Ken’s crest is Frog. He works in diverse art forms including: limited edition prints, original paintings in oils, drums, and the carving of jewellery and cedar poles, masks, rattles, sculptures. He is a master carver who began his career at the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Design in 1970 where he also has taught. He also studied jewellery making with Jack Leyland in 1975, and watercolour painting with Ron Burleigh in 1978. In 2004, Ken was asked to illustrate the children’s book ‘Returning the Feathers’, which is based on five famous Gitksan legends.

    Welcome to Gallup, NM, Where ‘They Just Want Another Person Dead’

    Liquor stores, bars, payday loan centers, pawnshops, and trading posts selling kitschy “Indian” souvenirs dot the landscape of Gallup, New Mexico. Once known as “Indian Capital of the World,” the city’s economy thrives on Navajo generated-business and non-Native tourism.

    Sign Languages: A Forgotten Part of Tribal Cultures

    Deaf First Peoples are viewing a recent Indian Country Today Media Network article with contempt as the article promotes a nocuous paradigm called auditory verbal training, sometimes disguised in pedagogic claims of enhancing speech and listening skills, and also known as “oralism.”

    Door Still Open for Fed Rec Public Comment, Obstacles May Exist

    There’s still time to submit comments on proposed regulations to reform the process for federal acknowledgment of Indian tribes.
    The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has extended the deadline to submit written comments on the proposed regulations until September 30.

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