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    Horse Regalia Making a Comeback in South Dakota [17 Images]

     Looking through books filled with historic images of the Oceti Sakowin (Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota), James Star Comes Out found many photos of horses dressed in regalia. Beaded headstalls, like bridles, horse blankets fringed and feathered, suggested to Star Comes Out that bringing those items back would be a resource for cultural revitalization.

    Muscogee to Host Open House for New Tribal Transportation Program Building

    The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Transit and Transportation Program (TTP) has outgrown its old facility and will dedicate the new TTP building located north of Okmulgee with an open house today, September 17.

    Deadly Disease Detected in Lower Klamath Chinook Salmon, Water Flow Increased Again

    The relief that California tribes experienced when the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation agreed to open water flows into the Trinity River to avert a fish kill may have been short-lived. Fears were revived and water flows have been increased again after the discovery of a deadly parasitic salmon-killing disease in the Lower Klamath River.

    Sarah Deer Among 21 Diverse MacArthur ‘Genius Grant’ Winners

    Sarah Deer, 41, a professor at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, is among a group of 21 diverse 2014 fellows of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Each will receive a stipend of $625,000 over five years. The “no strings attached” stipend is paid out in equal quarterly installments over the five years.

    Gathering of Nations Named Top 100 Events in North America 2015

    Albuquerque, N.M. – The 32nd Annual Gathering of Nations, to be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, between April 23 and 25, 2015, has been designated as one of the Top 100 Events in North America for 2015 by the American Bus Association (ABA) for its fifth year.

    Debra Haaland Could Make History as Lt. Gov. of NM

    Debra Haaland of Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico grew up in what she calls a “Republican household.” Her father was in the U.S. Marine Corps for 30 years and her mother had been in the Navy. Both were registered Republicans.

    Mashco-Piros: Missionaries and ‘human safaris’ initiate contact in Peru

    It feels like a déjà vu: naked youths from an isolated indigenous group step warily through shallow water and approach the strangers. Emboldened by curiosity, or hunger perhaps, they accept colorful clothing and gifts of food, not knowing that they may be carrying an epidemiological bomb back to their people in the forest.

    Six Reasons Why Miss Indian World Is Better than Miss America

    "Why is America’s largest distributor of college scholarships for women judging its recipients based in part on how they look in a bikini?"
    That’s the question, or one of them, writer Zak Cheney-Rice was left pondering after Sunday’s Miss America Pageant, which was won by Miss New York Kira Kazantsev.

    Tuberculosis Brought to Turtle Island by Seals and Sea Lions, Not Europeans: DNA Study

    European settlers have long been seen as bringing scourge after scourge of disease to Turtle Island. And in the north particularly, Indigenous Peoples suffer from exponentially higher rates of one of those diseases, tuberculosis, than in other demographics. Until now, the two issues were thought to be linked.

    Tribe to Break Ground on Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Facility

    On Thursday, September 18, the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for a new community based residential facility—Gookomis Endaad (Your Grandmother’s House) Healing & Wellness Center.

    Native Seahawks Mask to Come to Seattle

    A $22,000 fundraising campaign is underway to bring a cedar mask that is currently in Maine to an exhibit in Seattle, Washington. The mask is believed to have inspired the Seahawks’ NFL logo.

    Video: Mysterious Deep-Sea Creature(s) Caught on Film Strike Explorers’ Awe

    The depths of Mother Earth’s waters harbor no end of fascinating deep-sea creatures, most of them unseen, and many of them not even discovered.
    Some, like the oarfish, only come to the surface to die.

    150 Native American Artists Converge on Tulsa for Cherokee Art Market

    TULSA, Okla. – The ninth annual Cherokee Art Market will feature 150 inspirational and elite Native American artists from across the nation Oct. 11-12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Sequoyah Convention Center at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

    Cherokee – American wars: Spring and summer campaigns, 1793
    Spring and summer campaigns, 1793
    A party of Muscogee under a mixed-race warrior named Lesley the Washington District and the recently established Hamilton District

    (carved out of the former) and began attacking isolated farmsteads. Lesley’s party continued harassment of the Holston settlements until the summer of 1794.

    How a 17th Century Bible is Helping to Revive a Native-American Language

    Four hundred years ago, before the Pilgrims washed up on Plymouth in 1620, the Massachusetts coast was home to at least 12,000 Native Americans united by a common language: Wômpanâak. Also known as Wampanoag, Natic, or Pokanoket, Wômpanâak was one of the Massachusett languages that gave the modern state its name.

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