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    Does this ‘Caucasians’ t-shirt make me look racist?

    I really want this shirt, but here is where some conflict arises. Clothes and personal style are shorthand guides to someone’s personality, opinions and worldview. Whether you appreciate it or not, people make judgments of you based on how you look, and clothing decides an overwhelmingly large proportion of these assumptions, regardless of whether you take an active or passive approach to your style.



    1. itscarlwithak said: yes.
    2. dreadiron said: No,MIT doesn’t make anyone look fascist — it is a satirical t-shirt. That is all it is nothing more; some people will like it for context and others will find it funny, it will not change the world or anyone’s mind set on anything in and if it self.
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    5. kojokobie said: I’ve got mine!!!!
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