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    Rate That Genocide: Which Was Worse, Slavery or Treatment of Native Americans?

    Vanity Fair magazine presented a poll to readers asking: “Which is the biggest ethical misjudgment in U.S. history?” Whatever people’s beliefs politically, it seems most agree that slavery and the treatment of Native Americans were this country’s greatest ethical missteps.



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      Wow. I don’t know I feel about this question.
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      Funny how people seem to forget how widespread and international the slave trade was. It wasn’t Europeans coming over...
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      Omfg. We physically HAD to bomb Japan. As much as I hate war and genocide, we had to or they would not have stopped....
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      I’m really not surprised by this at all. For the Vietnam war and Iraq, those are two things in historical recent memory...
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      To be honest though, we needed to drop the bomb. The War in Europe was basically over, but Japan wasn’t going to stop...
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      *rolls eyes* Oh yeah…treatment of Natives that was enslaving AND genocidal…obviously not that bad. Oh and the fire and...
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      Truthfully, though, I don’t think any nation is 100% innocent in matters like these.
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      ^^Equally valid.
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