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    Sorry, Pete: The Dutch Just Made Christmas a Little Less Racist

    A court in Amsterdam has ruled that the Santa Claus sidekick “Black Pete” is racist and needs to be reworked if it is to remain a part of the city’s official celebration.
    Black Pete, or Zwarte Piet, is a component of the Sinterklaas folklore; in the Dutch tradition, Santa arrives by boat in November, with several other boats carrying a small army of Black Petes. Most are white people wearing blackface, red lipstick and curly Afro-esque wigs, along with Renaissance attire. The Black Petes hand out cookies or candy to children.



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      wait wait wait you’re not getting the whole story here.. st Nicholas (santa Claus) is first of all not the same as...
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    13. ochipi said: I have Dutch anestors and it is only one small group that says that Zwarte Pete is racistic. It started with one African woman who wanted attention. Most of the Belgian and Dutch people have no problem with it because Zwarte Piet isn’t African.
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