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    The Macaroni Wars: How to Keep Our Kids From Getting Fat

    When I was in grade school, I had the most amazing brown-bag lunches. A sandwich, chips, fruit, sure. But what made lunch so memorable were the sweet treats my mom surprised us with: Hostess cupcakes and pies, Twinkies, Little Miss Debbie desserts, Zingers. Those were the good ol’ days, the unenlightened era before we learned how truly dangerous sugar is for children.



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    3. bendoingdoterra said: The additives in so many processed foods that we have are nothing short of appalling. The more that you read about it the more disturbing it is. Study after study is linking additives in processed foods to a host of health problems.
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    5. forest-of-shagbark said: *fond memories of Little Debbies’, raspberry Zingers, and Sno-balls* Lol … now I’m hungry.
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