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    Another Shot At Keeping The Covenant

    Human beings are designed for covenant. Unique among the creatures of God, we are capable of voluntary, reciprocal, and developmental relationships. Dogs are either pack or solitary – they don’t choose social or solitary each morning. If your dog bites my dog, mine will likely bite back; but if your dog bites me, I will likely call a lawyer. And when a dog reaches maturity, he is all the dog he can be. When I reach adulthood, I will continue to change and – hopefully – grow the rest of my life. This maturity occurs in relationships in which I live and move.



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      How is a (seemingly) white dude screaming about Jesus “native american news”? Last time we had white people yell at us...
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    3. chiefcane said: how is this Native american news? Is it about sweatlodges and ceremonies? No it’s about you still believing that whitewashed religious crap. That same crap that had them treating us like animals and rounding up our children to be “saved”.
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