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    Goodwin also opposes Catawba casino

    Goodwin is concerned about the issue of state sovereignty by allowing the tribe’s settlement with South Carolina to apply in North Carolina. He is also worried about the precedent it would set. “It would appear that if the Catawba Tribe were to prevail then ANY federally recognized Indian Tribes not presently in North Carolina could seek the same recourse with non-reservation land and thereby establish casinos,” he wrote, later calling it a “slippery slope.”



    1. cool-pippen said: What a foolish man this ingrate is ….. No Wonder “america” is so fucked up. This fool is talking about imaginary lines w North American Indigenous People! Some one should tell this pink sob to get back in to the boat and get back to the country he is truly from.
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      Oh honey, you’re just worried people will stop playing the state lotto that doesn’t fund education anymore.
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