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    Commissioners to apologize to Tribes for racist remarks

    At a meeting on November 27, the Ravalli County Commissioners agreed to hand deliver a letter to members of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) apologizing for the offensive remarks made by a member of the public at a previous meeting on November 20. At that meeting an entourage of tribal members had come, at the invitation of the County Commissioners, to discuss the commissioners’ objection to the Tribes’ proposed transfer of 58 acres of land in Ravalli County from tribal ownership into federal trust status. The meeting ended on a discordant note as Jan Wisniewski, Chairman of the Ravalli County Planning Board, made remarks about “the problem with drunken Indians.”



    1. cool-pippen said: These ppl …. Still trying to fall back on an old colonial construct.- a stereotype to give themselves/himself a “feeling” of that old feeble sense of superiority. It was jealous, made—up b.s just like the rest of their history and society.
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