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    Anti-Redskins Momentum Keeps Building, Provokes Spectacular Backlash

    To keep or drop the name of the NFL franchise based in Washington, DC? That is the question. The name — “Redskins,” considered the worst racial slur directed at American Indians — is becoming a regular subject for Washington Post sportswriters and columnists, and raw meat for commenters at The writers are in favor of scrapping the name; readers who take the time to comment on the story tend to be violently opposed to a change, bemoaning “political correctness” and liberal media bias.



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      I had the pleasure of discussing this in class today and essentially shutting down the entire conversation when I...
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      Agreed with bolded above. (Although I’m from MD part of DC Metro area, not DC proper.)
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      The name is unacceptable. And quite frankly, those defending it are defending years of racism, dehumanization, and...
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      I’m a DC Native, generations back. We are all fans of DC sports and for the sake of everything that is right, I hope...
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