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    Military Campaigns of the Indian Wars: Cheyenne 1878-1879

    After the extensive surrenders in 1877 of the hostile Northern Cheyenne, in the Departments of Dakota and the Platte, a number were sent under guard to the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, at Fort Reno, Indian Territory, on August 8, 1877. Subsequent to that date other small parties surrendered and some died, so that on July 1, 1878, the number of Northern Cheyenne at Fort Reno amounted to more than 940. An attempt had been made by General Pope, commanding the Department of the Missouri, to disarm and dismount these Indians, so as to place them on the same footing with the Southern Cheyenne, but as it was found this could not be done without violation of the conditions of their surrender, they were permitted to retain their arms and ponies.



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