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    Abenaki – Traditional Indian Games And Toys

    The only way to maintain the culture of any ethnic group is to pass the traditions and beliefs on to the children. What better way to do this than with games and toys? Our own American culture is passed on, and changed, by the toys we give our children and by the games we teach them. Traditional American games such as jump rope or hide and seek, have been played by children down through the generations. These are games played in groups that teach cooperation. Toys, such as dolls and erector sets, begin to teach children skills that they will use as adults. As our culture changes we give different toys to our children; or perhaps it is because we give different toys to our children that our culture changes. Indian culture has been affected dramatically over the past three centuries by European influence. By taking a look at traditional toys and games we can get a perspective on what life was like for the Native Americans before that change took place.



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