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    Family Dressed as Indians for Christmas Doing Gangnam Style: ‘No Offense Intended’

    This came over the Twitter wire a short time ago from our friend @NativeApprops — she wrote: In case you forgot in the midst of #IdleNoMore how most of the US sees us:”Native American-Christmas-Gangam-Dance” The video below is of a white family who, for reasons unknown, have dressed as Indians for their Christmas gathering. And as you might expect, “Gangnam Style” ensues. The explanation posted to YouTube:



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      wtf?!! why???
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      Lol white people are just backwards sometimes
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      Don’t worry I’m not offended, I’m pissed off. This is icky.#thinkbeforeyoudoshit
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      I’m just immensely confused by this. Like…. what?
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      Dude wtf?
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