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    Native American Legend of Princess Raven

    May the sun bring you new energy by day. More of this #ApacheBlessing

    It is believed that the origin of the Native American #dreamcatcher is from the Ojibway Chippewa tribe.

    Oh hi Adam! 

    Hoop Dancers #Native&Proud

    Canoes is the form of transportation used by Native American tribes living near rivers, lakes and oceans.

    Native American tribes and cultures believe in having a strong connection to their ancestors, which makes passing traditions down to younger generations that much more important.

    Native American bead working has changed greatly over the years, especially with the arrival of new materials from Europeans.

    How to Explore Your Cherokee Ancestry

    Let BIA make changes to rights-of-way regulation

    Jay Daniels of Round House Talk News encourages individual landowners to support changes to rights-of-way regulations at the Bureau of Indian Affairs:
    On October 1, assistant secretary, Indian affairs, Kevin Washburn, announced he was extending the comment period for proposed rights-of-way rule to November 3. The NEW deadline allows individual tribal members to write concerns and comments on the BIA’s drafted rights-of-way designed to allow toxic pipelines, transmission lines, etc across individual allottee lands.

    Billy Mills wows youth at Black Hills Powwow

    Olympic legend Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota, stole the attention and hearts of over five thousand Rapid City school kids. The He Sapa Wacipi Youth Symposium was the introduction for most of the children into this piece of world and American history. It was also the place where many of the Lakota children who were in attendance were able to recognize one of their own.

    Charles ‘Chuck’ Trimble: Let Crazy Horse’s spirit rest in peace

    I have gotten e-mail recently asking what is up with me and Tim Giago since I had not written articles criticizing him over the past year. Actually I had unilaterally declared a moratorium on criticizing Tim; and I must confess that it felt good.
    Much or most of my criticism of Tim in the past had been over what I perceived as abuse of the power of his position as editor and publisher of a powerful national Indian newspaper.

     Judge won’t let BIA proceed with compact for Pojoaque Pueblo

    A federal judge on Friday blocked the Bureau of Indian Affairs from issuing Class III gaming procedures for Pojoaque Pueblo in New Mexico.
    Judge James Parker said the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act allows the federal government to step in only when a court has held a state to be in bad faith and only after the state has gone through a mediation process. Neither condition has been met in New Mexico, he determined.

     Candidates discuss Menominee Nation off-reservation casino

    The Menominee Nation off-reservation casino was discussed at a Wisconsin gubernatorial debate on Friday.
    Gov. Scott Walker (R), who is running for re-election, has delayed a decision on the $810 million casino in Kenosha. But he blamed his predecessor, who happens to be a Democrat, for his inaction.

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