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    Federal recognition only means more casinos in California

    James Butler of the California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion opposes Part 83 reforms to the federal recognition process at the Bureau of Indian Affairs:
    An alarming report by Stand Up for California! outlines how a loosening of standards in the federal recognition process for tribal governments will lead to a surge of gambling facilities, especially in heavily populated counties such as Kern, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    Legalized Pot Is a Mess of Trouble for Tribes

     While a patchwork of state laws have given marijuana quasi-legal status in 24 states, status on many tribal lands remains prohibited, or at best uncertain. Many tribes are content to adhere to federal prohibitions, but in PL 83-280 states (notably Washington, with legal recreational use), some are considering or even embracing the economic development potential of growing and distributing marijuana.

     It’s past time for tribal leaders to govern the nation

    Labor Day marks the beginning of the political campaign season. Sort of. If you live in a state with competitive races, then you have been watching TV ads for a long time.
    Now we’re only two months away from Election Day and there is a sense of urgency.

    National Museum of the American Indian celebrates 10th birthday

    The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.
    Congress authorized the museum in 1989 through the National Museum of the American Indian Act of 1989. Years of planning, fundraising and contributions from Indian Country led to its opening in September 2004, an affair that drew tens of thousands of indigenous people from across the Americas to the National Mall.

     Tohono O’odham Nation didn’t play by ‘rules’ with casino

    Arizona newspaper accuses the Tohono O’odham Nation of playing tricks in its pursuit of an off-reservation casino:
     At this point in the casino debate, let’s face it: The Tohono O’Odham and their political friends are welcome to their celebration.

    Mother arrested in connection with child’s death on Navajo Nation

    Authorities in New Mexico arrested a woman in connection with the death of her child on the Navajo Nation.
    Details about the crime are scarce. The sealed indictment only accuses Clara Beth Joe, 25, of “unlawfully” killing and causing the death of her 13-month-old son earlier this year.

    Energy development can help secure tribal independence

    Natural gas and oil development can strengthen American Indian communities while upholding their traditional values, as Colorado’s Southern Ute tribe has demonstrated. The Tribe carefully consulted with scientists, lawyers, auditors and other leading energy experts, and then established the Red Willow Energy business, which it runs independently.

    Eastern Shawnee Tribe to reopen gaming facility in February 2015

    The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma will be reopening its gaming facility near the Missouri border.
    The Bordertown Casino closed two years ago while the tribe focused on the Indigo Sky Casino. It will reopen in February 2015 with a western feel, 600 slot machines, a restaurant, banquet space and dance floor.

    Seminole Tribe on track to see gaming revenues increase to $2.1B

    The Seminole Tribe will take in $2.1 billion in gaming revenues this year, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.
    The paper made the calculation based on reports the tribe made to the state. If if turns out to be correct, the tribe will see a 6.8 percent increase in revenues from the prior year.

    NOAA Grants $400,000 for Penobscot River Habitat Restoration

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is granting $400,000 for restoration of Penobscot River habitat, in line with its designation of the region as one of two Habitat Focus Areas back in May.

    It’s Long Past Time When Tribal Leaders Should Help Govern the Country

    Labor Day marks the beginning of the political campaign season. Sort of. If you live in a state with competitive races, then you have been watching TV ads for a long time.

    History Timeline of the King Philip’s War

    1621 Background Info: Metacomet or King Philip was the son of Massasoit who had negotiated peace with the Pilgrims in 1621. Peace followed and during this time the Algonquian exchanged Indian land for English guns, liquor, and blankets 1661 The death of Chief Massasoit.

    Colin Morrison ~ Tsimshian

    Colin has been an artist since he was very young, but only began painting when he was 18 years old. His first instructor was Russell Mather Jr., from whom he learned more about carving. At the suggestion of his instructor, Colin began studying at Freda Diesing School from artists such as Ken Niel, Stan Bevan and Dempsey Bob and graduated in 2011.

    Pueblo Revolt Summary and Definition

    Pueblo Revolt Summary and Definition The Pueblo Revolt was a short conflict which occurred during 1680. The Pueblo Revolt was located in New Mexico and Arizona between the Pueblo Alliance and the Spanish. The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 was instigated by a coalition of tribal leaders, acting under the direction of Popé, a Tewa Indian from San Juan Pueblo. Together they founded the Pueblo Alliance consisting of Jemez, Keresan Pueblos, Piro Pueblos, Tewa Pueblos, Tiwa Pueblos, Zuni, and Hopi peoples.

    Doug Blaisdell (Oneida Nation) Selected For 2014 Ccm/Usa Hockey All-American Prospects Game

    USA Hockey has announced  that Kitchener Rangers defenceman Doug Blaisdell (Oneida Nation of  the Thames) is one of 42 players who will compete in the third annual CCM/USA Hockey All-American Prospects Game set for Sept. 25 at First Niagara Center.

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